Authentic food from the Southern regions of Italy
Authentic food from the Southern regions of Italy
Open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner 6 days
Open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner 6 days
We hand make all our pasta and pizza
We hand make all our pasta and pizza
Traditional customer service
Traditional customer service
We are closed Tuesday, 13th Feb

What To Eat in Melbourne

Why we’re one of the best places to eat in Melbourne

Ciao foodies! If you’re on the hunt for the best place to eat in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right spot. My name is Ele Troise, the owner of Sassy Italian Restaurant. We offer traditional Italian food made with passion and love. Just moments from Melbourne CBD, you can enjoy the finest Italian cuisine, traditional service, and stunning views of The Star and Docklands area. We’re the quintessential place to eat in Melbourne.

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Six reasons to eat at Sassy in Melbourne

Homemade Pasta Dishes

At Sassy, we’re most renowned for our homemade pasta dishes. Our pasta is made fresh daily using traditional Italian methods that have been passed down for generations. It’s some of the best pasta Melbourne has to offer.

A Timeless Lasagna Recipe Passed Down from My Grandfather

Our lasagna is a menu favourite that has been a staple on the menu for many years. This recipe was passed down from my grandfather and is made with the same love and care that he put into it. It’s a traditional southern Italian recipe with ragu & shaved parmesan. A truly unique lasagne that will leave you begging for the recipe. It’s the ultimate comfort food and a must-try!

Traditional customer service (like it used to be)

As well as our food, we’re renowned in Melbourne for our traditional customer service. We believe hospitality isn’t just about food and drink, it’s about the service and feeling you give to customers. We love making our diners feel right at home, transporting them to the feeling of being in Italy.

Fresh Seafood

We also offer a variety of fresh seafood options. Our seafood is delivered daily and is always cooked to perfection. From classic seafood marinara to our unique calamari salad.

Beautiful Views of Melbourne Star and Docklands

Our restaurant is located just moments away from Melbourne CBD, situated next door to North Melbourne train station. Enjoy your meal with eye-dazzling views of the Melbourne Star and Docklands. Perfect for a romantic meal for two or Our restaurant is the perfect function venue setting for a romantic date or any special occasion.

A Function Venue for Stylish Celebrations

Have a special occasion coming up soon? At Sassy, we’re the perfect function venue in Melbourne for small or grand affairs. We’ll take care of the hassle of organizing so you can focus on your special occasion.

The Best Place to Eat in Melbourne for Locals and Visitors

Whether you’re a local or just visiting Melbourne, Sassy Italian is the place to be. We bring traditional hospitality to our customers so you’re always made to feel right at home.

Our authentic Italian cuisine, homemade pasta dishes, fresh seafood, and beautiful views make us the best place to eat in the city. More importantly, it’s the passion we deliver through every dish we prepare. Book your table today and let us export you to Italy.